Celtic Fair at Walker's Bluff

Internet Assisted Directions: Point your GPS, SmartPhone, Tablet, Computer Browser, or whatever other Internet-assisted device you have toward 326 Vermont Road, Carterville, IL 62918. This should get you to the Walker's Bluff "General Store." To get to the festival, you have another mile to go north on County Line Road where you should be greeted by the gatehouse staff. You'll then take a left from the gate-house, heading West toward the Tasting Room. You will take a right as if to park at the Tasting room, but keep on driving past this lot for the festival parking. You should come upon the festival admission gate near the Wine Cave, then Festival Parking will be another right. Don't let the black sheep on the hillside or the monster of the lake tell you any different.

Alternately, coordinates 37°48'20.8"N 89°09'29.9"W should get you straight to the Festival parking lot.